How to identify what keys you have, and what magnetikey blanks you need.

This is a comprehensive key identification tool made by ilco.  You can enter the code on your existing key and it will tell you what key you have.
(We've documented an example below.)
We've selected the top 5 most common residential/commercial keyways in the USA and Great Britain and will be adding more as the market dictates.  Please contact us if you have a special request, or have trouble identifying your keys.
These are the keys we currently have manufactured, circled in red:
Key blanks with highlights




Example of 66 key identification - Kwikset KW1

Enter "66" in the text entry field like this:

ilco ez-search key blank cross reference tool

Click the "Lookup Blank" button;

ilco ez-search results

Compare the results to the key you have.  Either of the circled keys above work will work to replace the "66" key pictured above.  Cross-reference the results with our inventory to discover that we sell a magnetikey blank in the KW1 keyway.  That's your key!  Now all you have to decide is if you want the bottle opener or not.


With bottle opener: